Key Features of HAOJIN ZEUS HJ150

Size 2010 x 755 x 1110 mm Net Weight 150 Kg
Speed 90 Km/h Ignition Manual & Electric start
Tank Capacity 17 Litres Coolant Air

Description of HAOJIN ZEUS HJ150

A generous l7-litre tank capacity can surely tempt you out on a longer journey. The streamlined tank features organic lines, make the ZUES more dynamic and fashion.

Anyone can make a big entrance. Notice how the dynamic line of  the ZUES creates a dramatic lighting effect. It was designed with an emphasis on ergonomics, to provide a more perfect driving 4m experience. In ZUES, your satisfaction is always the goal.

Bright and sleek, the hi-tech rear light helps to convey crucial information-that you are braking-faster than traditional taillights, giving the drivers behind you more time to react.

New designed plate-frame minimizes vibration. invite you to honor the comfort of a perfect journey.

Steady Bionics designed headlamp brings a sense of spirituality. 4 Spirituality

What if you have lots of things to carry? ZUES can take your needs into consideration. Dual function rear carrier for goods and

The exhaust system combines best possible performance with larger capacity silencer, It is the perfect power introduction to the
world of engine performance optimization.

Unique, stylish, available three-ringed structure meter enhance  the unmistakable look and design of the ZUES.


Two Helmets and Two Reflectors

Warranty policy 10,000 km or 1 Year Warranty

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