Spare Parts

TVS Auto Parts | HAOJIN Auto Parts

We supply the spare parts for TVS and HAOJIN products. Here You can get a complete and full range of all kind of Spare Parts in our parts shop. This include:-

  • Brakes: brake pad, brake rod, brake shoe
  • Cables: brake cable, clutch cable,Speed cable, tachometer cable,throttle cable
  • Control: back mirror, brake pedal,cam shaft,choke lever,damper rubber,gear pedal, inner gear, inner kick,kick pedal, winker switch, etc.
  • Drive, Chains & Sprocket: front hub, rear hub, hub cover, kick sprocket, oil pump sprocket, sprocket sitting,timing chain, driving gear, magnetor etc.
  • Electrial: battery, lighting, CDI, flasher, horn, ignition coil, Chassis coil, rectifier, switch key,relay
  • Engine: cylinder, piston kit, piston ring, clutch kit, clutch disk &plate, clutch fiber, clutch housing, clutch pad, connecting rod,etc.
  • Exhaust: complete exhaust, exhaust hose
  • Forks & Absorbers: front fork, rear shock absorber, etc.
  • Fuel: Carburetor, fuel tank, fuel tap, oil filter hose, etc.
  • Wheels, tyre & tubes. Including tubeless tyres.
  • Bearing: neck bearings, ball bearings.
  • Gasket: block gasket, complete gasket, side gasket, top gasket.
  • Others: air filters, silencer, timing adjuster, chain adjuster, valve oil seal, oil seal, spark plug, spoke, etc.
Free Items On Purchases Include:-

  • Guaranteed 1 year warranty
  • Free Registration
  • Free Helmets (2 pieces)
  • Free Reflector Jackets
  • Free Tool Kit
  • Free T-shirt/rain coat

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